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What Is A Sightseeing Elevator?

    Sightseeing elevator means that the hoistway and the car wall are at least transparent on the same side. Passengers can watch the elevator of the car's exterior. The sightseeing elevator is mainly installed in hotels, shopping malls, and high-rise office buildings. The side wall of one or several sides and the same side of the car wall are transparent materials. When passengers take the elevator, they can watch the scenery outside the car. With the increasing popularity of home elevators, many villas choose to install a sightseeing elevator outside the home because there is no space in the room.

    In general, installing a sightseeing elevator outdoors is usually more expensive than installing it indoors. Because it is installed outdoors, first of all, in the selection of the sightseeing elevator, it is necessary to select a more sophisticated high-end material or frame structure, in order to withstand the impact of wind, frost and snow, thus ensuring the use of the elevator is more convenient. Secondly, whether the fixed device of the elevator can be firmly combined with the special wall surface of the building and whether the pit treatment during the installation process is easy to accumulate in the pit under rain and weather conditions, etc. need to be considered. The transparent sightseeing elevator has the entire sealing function after installation, waterproof treatment, drainage system on the top of the elevator, and drainage function of the hoistway. Due to the different weather conditions in the outdoor installation, the equipment room of the sightseeing elevator needs to have an antifreeze device and a heat dissipation function.

    In the same situation, the outdoor elevators which outdoor escalator manufacturers installed on the outdoor elevators will cost more than the indoor installations.

Daily cleaning of the elevator

    The daily use of the elevator is affected by the weather conditions, and the number of maintenance times depends on the frequency of use and the weather conditions. In the case of home use, considering the cost of use, if there is space in the room, it can be considered to be installed indoors. If there is no space in the room,and it is installed outdoors, you can consider installing an outer protective measure for the glass sun room outside to protect the outdoor observation elevator for longer and more convenient use. You can also consider to have a smart elevator.