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What Are the Functional Characteristics of Passenger Elevator?

    The main parameters of the passenger elevator refer to the rated load and rated speed. The rated load is the load used to produce the elevator, and it is also the main display state that the elevator merchant can guarantee the normal operation of the elevator. The rated speed of the elevator is the speed of the car on which the elevator is operating normally based on the production of the elevator.

    First of all, the working principle of the passenger elevator is more complicated. It mainly uses the two ends of the hoisting rope to connect the elevator car and the counterweight to wrap around the guide wheel or the traction sheave, and then drives the traction sheave through the shifting of the reducer. In this process, a certain amount of traction is generated, and the lifting movement of the counterweight and the car is gradually realized, so that the transportation mode of the passenger elevator is generated. There are many different styles of elevators that have different features. Depending on the level of elevator technology, elevator equipment of different grades can be formed. Nowadays smart elevator tech is more and more significant.

    The various elevators installed in modern renovation projects are not only safe and reliable, but also have a particularly high efficiency. The lifting is smooth and safe, the running speed is fast, the landing floor is accurate, and the ride is particularly comfortable. Some parameters of the elevator also include the number of people to be multiplied and the rated speed, as well as the style of the hoistway and so on.