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What are the Advantages of SAIL Escalator?

Sail Intelligent Elevator Co., Ltd. integrates development, production, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance services, always adhering to the spirit of integrity, quality, and enterprising. Our escalator has the following superior performance:

1. The truss uses high-quality angle steel, unique structure, high strength, thorough anti-corrosion treatment, good effect and long life.

2. The whole machine has a modular design, compact structure and strong versatility.

3. Advanced international manufacturing technology and final assembly technology ensure the accuracy of the stairway.

4. The large-diameter stepped pulley has smooth operation, lower noise and longer life.

5. Humanized handrail entrance protection is equipped with brushes, which is safer.

6. The apron and the inner and outer cover are made of stainless steel to make it more luxurious.

7. Stamping pattern stainless steel front plate has a variety of patterns to choose from, which is beautiful and has a strong three-dimensional effect.

8. It adopts the belt brake system controlled by the brake motor, and the brake is stable and reliable.

9. Super powerful CPU motherboard computer control; real-time monitoring of operating conditions; automatic stop in time when abnormalities are found, and automatic recording and display of fault codes in real time.

10. Variable frequency drive control can be used to automatically control the operating speed according to the guest flow, which has significant energy-saving effects, improves the operating life of the equipment, and reduces operating costs.

If you are interested in this escalator we made, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!