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Things to Know About Installation And Maintenance of Sightseeing Elevator

Observation elevator maintenance workers are a relatively high-tech work, and the maintenance of sightseeing elevators plays a very important role in ensuring the safety of elevators. Therefore, the requirements for elevator maintenance are relatively high. Here are some things to know about the following sightseeing elevator maintenance instructions:

1. When the elevator workers are repairing the elevators, they must resolutely do not drink and work, do not violate the regulations, do not risk the operation, and do not barbaric operations.

2. The tools should be carefully checked before construction. If there are tools failure, slippage, cracks, corners, etc., they must be repaired or adjusted.

3. Elevator installation and maintenance workers must undergo technical training and safety operation training, and pass the examination of the competent department. Elevator installation and maintenance workers can obtain independent work safety operation certificates to operate independently, and unlicensed operations are strictly prohibited. Smart elevator system should be taken into account.

4. Personal labor protection products must be used correctly during operation. It is strictly forbidden to wear sweatshirts, shorts, and large and bulky clothes for operation. Collective and spare labor protection products must be kept by special personnel and regularly checked to keep them in good condition.

Before using the moving tool, check that the metal casing is effectively grounded and that the casing and plug are not damaged. It is strictly forbidden to use electrical tools and equipment such as bare wires, insulation damage, and leakage. The moving light should use a 36V low-voltage power supply. It is forbidden to use the 220V power supply. Do not use the wire to insert directly into the socket. Elevator manufacturing companies like freight elevator manufacturers are supposed to pay attention to this.