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Residential Elevators

The first thing to consider is how many elevators to choose. As we all know, the more residential elevator lift there are, the stronger the capacity of transportation and load between high-rise buildings, and the shorter the waiting time for passengers and the time to reach the destination floor. We can choose outdoor moving walkway, hospital stretcher lift, passenger lift for sale and so on according to the needs. However, this is not to say that the more residential home elevators, the better. The number of residential freight elevators determines the cost that developers need to invest and the cost in daily maintenance. Therefore, when choosing residential home elevators, we should fully consider the actual use of high-rise buildings and the expected flow of people in the buildings. Only in this way can we ensure that the residential lifts can be fully used, not only to meet people's daily needs of going up and down the stairs and carrying goods, but also to effectively reduce the operating cost of the residential lifts.
Hospital Elevators

General principles of elevator selection in residence

Nowadays, the pace of life in the city is obviously speeding up, so it is necessary to meet the needs of passengers who usually take the residential home elevators. That is to say when one residential elevator lift breaks down, there are other elevators to transport passengers to the corresponding floors. For developers, the initial investment can not be too high. Therefore, when selecting the elevator, we need to consider all kinds of factors comprehensively, and then make a safe, reliable, convenient and economic plan.

The method of selecting the type of small residential elevators

1.The actual traffic scale of the building needs to be calculated in detail. The so-called traffic scale of buildings refers to the number of people in the high-rise buildings, which is calculated according to the use area of each person.

2. Estimate the concentration rate of passenger flow in the building. The so-called estimation of passenger flow concentration rate is to divide the total number of passengers to be transported every five minutes in the building by the regular passenger flow in the building and multiply by 100%.

3. Calculate the total number of people using the residential elevator lift, that is, the average number of people in the elevator under normal operation.

4. Select the method to control the small residential elevators. At present, the main methods of elevator control are parallel, collective selection, group control, single, high, double and regional service. Moreover, in recent years, neural network operation has emerged as a high-end operation mode.

5. The selection of small residential elevators specification and number. Before the formal calculation of this content, it is necessary to preliminarily calculate and analyze the average load-bearing capacity and running speed of elevators in a week in high-rise buildings similar to the traffic system of the building to be completed, as well as the control mode. Based on this result, the number of elevators in normal operation in the building area is determined.

Residential Elevators Cases

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