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Shopping Mall Elevator

Wouldn't you want your customers to have a unique experience while they are shopping on the go in your malls?

Wouldn't you like to give them an experience of moving quickly and efficiently throughout the time as they shop at your place- especially during the peak times of the day or specially weekends? We understand the pressing issues which most of the malls face during the peak times and to address your concerns we are here with our everlasting solutions.

At SAIL, we offer a unique range of elevators for the malls to help people move reliably and effectively. We intend to ensure that your customers spend less time riding and enjoy more time shopping. Always remember that if your customers are happy and are having good experience then your business will flourish well. To make sure it stays that way, keep your mobility systems in your malls in order and shape.

You must agree that there are hundreds and thousands of shoppers regularly moving in, and out through shopping malls and retail stores. And the number goes even beyond during a busy weekend with thousands of shoppers flocking. They would be expecting and counting on you to provide them speedy, reliable, and safe mobility solutions. It is therefore important to ensure their safety and security while they are on your premises and to provide them an experience they are unlikely to forget. This is where we come in.

We can fulfill this wish of yours by providing them a smooth experience. We help you plan early and find the right product for your business for greater and optimized results. This means that the entire process from conception to execution will be completed without a hitch.

We offer a comprehensive range of elevators or mall escalator tailored to your requirements. It includes special and sleek designs that run & move smoothly and efficiently for years, no matter how many times you use it. Yes, you can count on us when it comes to the reliability as our elevators are thoroughly tested and are manufactured with quality components. You can use them for years and they won't create any problem.

From the step of consultation, and customization of services with retrofitting and modernization, you can count on us. We will quickly get your job done.

Some of the unique features of our mall elevators include-

● They are easily accessible.

● They will offer the best shopping and moving experience in the industry.

● They are completely safe and secure as they have undergone extensive testing at various levels.

● Our elevators are easy to use and are safe for children as well.

● Robust construction and quality material.

● Less maintenance and power consumption.   

Benefits of Elevators in Shopping Malls
Any owner would love to give a unique experience to their customers and their main priority is always offering great customer satisfaction. Shopping malls or centers are the places where crowds in huge numbers flock. Therefore it becomes mandatory to have elevators installed to handle a large number of people.

● They are designed as such to handle lots of people and to mobilize them quickly and safely.

● We provide different kinds of elevators depending upon your needs and requirements.

● With our elevator in malls, we ensure their guarantee to run several years due to their sleek design and robustness.

● Elevators in shopping malls provide greater convenience

● We work consistently with you to make sure you make a great impression on your customers and employees. Our shopping elevator solutions are well designed and intelligently adapted to different traffic patterns and significantly save energy during low traffic periods.

● Our solutions are stylish, powerful, and comfortable systems to make sure you are provided with great convenience.

● Our solutions are highly modernized and provide great system security, speed, energy efficiency within your required budgets.

● Our services are known to be system efficient, long-lasting, and highest performing.

Great design

We offer a great escalator design and we have 6 different types to suit your needs.

We believe that design and aesthetics play a very important role in offering a unique shopping experience. Most of the customers are greatly influenced and attracted by their beauty. Our designs are effective in most cases and the escalator prices are competitive as per the industry norms. Our designs are made to meet the needs of the mall and follow rules and regulations. They are designed to ensure the primary safety of users of elevators.

Great Experience

We have years of experience in this field and we are managing many of our clients based on their ongoing requirements. Our teams are highly skilled and are professionally responsible to handle any kind of maintenance for these facilities. We offer a fast and complete range of efficient services in mall elevators.

Great customer satisfaction

We truly understand our customers expectations and our main objective is to provide great customer satisfaction to all our clients. The installations are carried out by a large number of engineers and professionals who are experienced in this field. Their objective is primarily offering great customer satisfaction with a wide range of reliable services that help in greater contribution.

Installation of the elevators

The installation of mall elevators is done by a large number of engineers who take all the necessary steps that are required for the installation of elevators. Our professionalism allows us to provide various installation solutions for you. You have to choose the best one that suits you according to the needs of the project. Our installation of lifts is done by experienced professionals and team members & you can rely on them to carry out the most complex assemblies.
Even after the installation of the elevators is done, our team is always available to provide after sales support as and when it is required.

Best Finishing and quality material

Our experts are well trained to meet your queries and concerns. They will help you choose the best elevator that suits your requirements. While choosing elevators finishing and quality is of utmost importance to give them a presentable look. Generally, they are made up of stainless steel structures with good quality.

Our company usually offers elevators that combine the functions of the elevator with aesthetic design, manufacturing accuracy, and modern technology to give passengers a unique experience. It will offer you an amazing and integrated view of the malls and shops while you go up or down to your destination. It brings wonderful and unusual charm to the short travel between the floors and gives a feeling that the lift is more spacious. This modern designed panoramic lift offers the following characteristics:

● Provides a smooth and comfortable speed for passengers on the move.

● If there is an overload, then it will inform you that the load has increased.

● Emergency lighting is also provided in the elevator which means that the lights will turn on automatically once the power is off.

● During emergencies, if a fire breaks out then all stop orders are cancelled and the elevator stops automatically.

We have been addressing the needs of the shopping malls and our elevators have been highly appreciated amongst our clients for their hassle-free performance and experience. We have been using premium quality components and materials to give you the much-needed experience.

You can be assured of testing as our products undergo various stages of testing and parameters to ensure their flawlessness. And our products can be availed at competitive pricing. Our team is highly experienced and professionally backed up to develop a reliable and attractive range of designs with utmost care.

We deploy the most advanced technology and use the same concept as commercial elevators. We provide all types of ultramodern design with extremely silent operation. It is also reliable and economical with minimum maintenance.

Cost- The price of Sail Elevator is 3% lower than other same level brands available in the market, under the premise of the same quality and configuration.

Failure rate-Sail Elevator's products have been tested by the market with 99.9% praise, in normal use, the failure rate will be less than 0.01%.

Maintenance- Sail Elevator’s agents can provide regular maintenance services, and spare parts supply and replacement will not exceed 48 hours.

Installation- Sail elevators are really easy to install, a full set of installation documents can allow the installation team within 15 days install an elevator. It can ensure that all the work is completed before the opening of the mall, and escort the successful opening of your mall.

If you are looking for elevators for your mall then, you are in the right place. Your choice concerning functionality is important but what is critically important is the design aspect. The design must be equally pleasing to maintain high aesthetic value. At SAIL, we offer the best, reliable and safe elevators which will help improve the aesthetic sense of your property as well as business competitiveness. 

Shopping Mall Elevator

  • Single row continuous type
    Single row continuous type: it is convenient for continuous conversion of an elevator. There is only one escalator between each floor, or up or down, which can switch direction according to traffic co...
  • Single row overlapping type
    Single row overlapping type: it's inconvenient to switch between intermittent cycles, but the occupied area is small, so it can publicize the product in the process of passenger switching. It has the ...
  • Continuous one-line type
    Continuous one-line type: continuous conversion in the straight direction, smooth and convenient transfer of elevator. Generally, the design purpose of this kind of elevator is to introduce the fastes...
  • Parallel overlapping type
    Parallel overlapping type: it is not convenient to transfer the elevator by intermittent circulation. It can transport large up and down flow of people. It covers a small area and has the effect of fo...
  • Parallel continuous type
    Parallel continuous type: it is very convenient for up and down and conversion. The transportation capacity is 2 times of that of a single train, and the occupied area is 2 times that of the other two...
  • Crisscross type
    Crisscross type: it is convenient for continuous conversion of elevator. There are two escalators between each floor, which can separate the up and down flow of people, so as to avoid the crowding and...
  • Cross separation type
    Cross separation type: it is convenient for continuous conversion of elevator. There are two escalators between each floor, the staggered escalators will not cause the jam of the escalator entrance, a...
  • Leap over type
    Leap over type: the direct escalator can make the passengers reach the destination station quickly and conveniently, realize the goal of multiple first floors for the commercial space, improve the com...
  • Arc escalator
    Arc escalator: it can be used as a sharp tool for publicity and promotion, and the decoration effect is good.

1. "Emergency stop".
In general, the handrail elevator in the mall will be equipped with an "emergency stop" button in a conspicuous position, which is used to stop the elevator in an emergency, and will be marked with a "red" color. When taking the escalator, in case of emergency or elevator failure, press this button immediately.
2. "Instructions for taking the elevator safely".
Generally, at the entrance and exit of the handrail elevator, there will be marked "safe riding on the handrail elevator" related precautions, which shall be observed when taking the elevator.
3. "Warning signs".
In general, when setting up the elevator, the "warning board" will be placed at the position prone to personal safety accidents to remind. Especially when taking the elevator in the "elevator intersection" or "triangle belt" area, pay more attention to safety.
4. Line up orderly.
Don't crowd or run around. When the number of people taking the elevator is large, they should queue up in order to get in and out of the elevator. It's better to avoid the rush hour and take the elevator safely and orderly.
5. Children take the elevator.
When parents take their children to the elevator, it is best to fix them at their side. In the process of taking the elevator, do not use the "trolley".
6. Do not force a passage for maintenance.
Generally, there will be obvious "warning" signs when the elevator is in maintenance work. In this case, it is necessary to detour and do not force passengers to avoid personal accidents.

Mall Elevators Cases

SAIL Intelligent Elevator

SMAlL Intelligent Elevator, with its unique smart elevator solution, can perfectly match the design and use of the various elevators. When you need a smart elevator solution, call us to experience our difference. Each elevator produced by SAIL is individually engineered.
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