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Shopping Mall Elevator

The elevators in shopping malls are generally called escalators, with a speed of 0.5m/s. Some types of elevators can reach 0.65m/s and 0.75m/s. They are widely used in public places such as subway, light rail, station, airport, wharf, store, and building with a concentrated flow of people. The lifting height is generally within 10m, and in special cases can reach tens of meters, with an inclination angle of 30°and 35°.

Escalator function of a shopping mall

Escalator is the most efficient equipment for continuous transportation between buildings. In the commercial complex with a large flow of people, escalator becomes one of the important carriers to carry and guide the flow of people and realize the maximization of commercial value.

In the design of the shopping center, escalator design is an important part of moving line design. The ingenious escalator design can enhance the customer experience and effectively attract the passenger flow to the high-rise floor.

The main principle of escalator design in the shopping center is to facilitate customers and give customers a better experience.

Shopping Mall Elevator

Shopping Mall Elevator

  • Single row continuous type
    Single row continuous type: it is convenient for continuous conversion of an elevator. There is only one escalator between each floor, or up or down, which can switch direction according to traffic co...
  • Single row overlapping type
    Single row overlapping type: it's inconvenient to switch between intermittent cycles, but the occupied area is small, so it can publicize the product in the process of passenger switching. It has the ...
  • Continuous one-line type
    Continuous one-line type: continuous conversion in the straight direction, smooth and convenient transfer of elevator. Generally, the design purpose of this kind of elevator is to introduce the fastes...
  • Parallel overlapping type
    Parallel overlapping type: it is not convenient to transfer the elevator by intermittent circulation. It can transport large up and down flow of people. It covers a small area and has the effect of fo...
  • Parallel continuous type
    Parallel continuous type: it is very convenient for up and down and conversion. The transportation capacity is 2 times of that of a single train, and the occupied area is 2 times that of the other two...
  • Crisscross type
    Crisscross type: it is convenient for continuous conversion of elevator. There are two escalators between each floor, which can separate the up and down flow of people, so as to avoid the crowding and...
  • Cross separation type
    Cross separation type: it is convenient for continuous conversion of elevator. There are two escalators between each floor, the staggered escalators will not cause the jam of the escalator entrance, a...
  • Leap over type
    Leap over type: the direct escalator can make the passengers reach the destination station quickly and conveniently, realize the goal of multiple first floors for the commercial space, improve the com...
  • Arc escalator
    Arc escalator: it can be used as a sharp tool for publicity and promotion, and the decoration effect is good.

1. "Emergency stop".
In general, the handrail elevator in the mall will be equipped with an "emergency stop" button in a conspicuous position, which is used to stop the elevator in an emergency, and will be marked with a "red" color. When taking the escalator, in case of emergency or elevator failure, press this button immediately.
2. "Instructions for taking the elevator safely".
Generally, at the entrance and exit of the handrail elevator, there will be marked "safe riding on the handrail elevator" related precautions, which shall be observed when taking the elevator.
3. "Warning signs".
In general, when setting up the elevator, the "warning board" will be placed at the position prone to personal safety accidents to remind. Especially when taking the elevator in the "elevator intersection" or "triangle belt" area, pay more attention to safety.
4. Line up orderly.
Don't crowd or run around. When the number of people taking the elevator is large, they should queue up in order to get in and out of the elevator. It's better to avoid the rush hour and take the elevator safely and orderly.
5. Children take the elevator.
When parents take their children to the elevator, it is best to fix them at their side. In the process of taking the elevator, do not use the "trolley".
6. Do not force a passage for maintenance.
Generally, there will be obvious "warning" signs when the elevator is in maintenance work. In this case, it is necessary to detour and do not force passengers to avoid personal accidents.

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