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Hotel Elevators

Hotel elevator equipment is an important means of transportation for hotels, which must be convenient, fast, safe and reliable. Hotel elevator equipment is special equipment. According to the national regulations, hotel elevator equipment must be produced by professional lift and elevator manufacturers recognized by the state. Before installation and putting into use, it must be inspected and accepted by the national quality and technical monitoring department for all technical parameters and safety protection system of the hotel lifts, which can only be put into use after reaching the national specification requirements and Issuing the operation qualification certificate. After the hotel elevator equipment is put into use, it is necessary to regularly report to the quality and technical monitoring department for inspection to ensure the safe operation of hotel elevator.
Hospital Elevators

Hotel elevator design

SAIL is a hotel elevator design expert. We provide personalized customized services to meet your needs for customized hotel elevator. We can reasonably use the decoration of the elevator according to the needs of consumers so that the hotel elevator can more conform to the style of the hotel. At the same time, we will also make sure that the hotel elevator is gorgeous and bright, giving the hotel guests a relaxed and pleasant feeling, which will redouble their favor for the hotel.

Hotel elevator features

Passenger elevators: most of the passenger elevators with machine room now adopt microcomputer control, frequency modulation, voltage regulation, and speed regulation (WWF) technology, with the following features:

1. High reliability: microcomputer control is adopted to realize contactless control, simplify the hoistway information system, and ensure high accuracy, high reliability and a low failure rate of the elevator.

2. Safe and comfortable operation.

3. Fast energy saving. Compared with the AC elevator and DC elevator, the energy saving is about 30% - 40% and the capacity of the power equipment required for the building is reduced by about 20%.

4. Digital layer selection, high leveling accuracy.

5. WMF technology is stable and mature, and maintenance is simple.

6. Main technical parameters of frequently used passenger elevators: passenger capacity: 6-20 people rated load: 450-1350kg operating speed: 0.75-2.5m/s b) in the elevator equipment of the inorganic room, the most commonly used one is the one that most people know well. However, in recent years, the use of the hotel lifts in the inorganic room has become more and more extensive.

Hotel Elevators Cases

SAIL Intelligent Elevator

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