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Smart Elevator System & Tech

Smart Elevator System - Intelligent Design, Safety First

Face recognitionFace Recognition
Saiao dynamic face recognition realizes the millisecond response of face detection, key point location and face recognition function in video stream by collecting customer identity information, face detection, data input and accurate verification of identity.

Mobile phone callMobile Phone Call
Mobile APP smart remote control call, one-click appointment, the smart elevator system automatically landed on the designated floor to wait, display the arrival layer number of timely message reminder, 24hours at any call, so that life has more dominating time.

Access control systemAccess Control System
Smart elevator can automatically identify the identity information and access control information on the smart card. The information mismatch is to refuse to open the door and output an alarm signal to make the access more secure.

Automatic rescue systemAutomatic Rescue System
By using the emergency power supply, the stop level function is realized, and the elevator car is slowly moved to the leveling position to open the door to rescue the trapped personnel.

Wireless Communication Systems

For five-way intercom, elevator malfunction, rescue workers remain trapped by the intercom system and personnel unimpeded contact, calm emotions, locate the fault elevator, improve the efficiency of the rescue.

Smartlift Service - Saiao Smart Cloud (smart elevator tech)

Dynamic Monitoring
Dynamic monitoring of key components of the intelligent lifts. When the system finds that the component is abnormal or close to the service life, the intelligent lifts prompt the risk before the fault occurs, and automatically repairs it. Through predictive maintenance, the hidden danger is eliminated and the failure rate is greatly reduced.

Remote monitoring
Remote monitoring is a guarantee of the overall solution. Effective collection, monitoring and management of remote data can achieve efficient control of real-time information and ensure the safe operation of Saiao Intelligent Cloud.

Online maintenance
Online maintenance

Theo intelligent cloud, so that each elevator from the first start, will automatically generate the EEZ health records maintenance and diagnostic reports. Preset maintenance time, node reminders, real-time record of each flow when feedback dimensional surety elevator maintenance staff, maintenance work carried out to ensure more timely, more detailed and more efficient.

Network rescueNetwork rescue
Saiao Intelligent Cloud , once the elevator fails, it can automatically alert and prompt the automatic network to accurately locate. The first time to find and dispatch the engineer with the closest distance and meet the corresponding technical qualifications, rush to the scene in time, emergency treatment and troubleshooting, to provide you with All-round security.

Online installation
Online installation

Since the elevator started from the factory, Saiao Intelligent Cloud has comprehensively controlled the installation progress and standard operation. Through preset information and node control, the key nodes in the installation process are firmly grasped, and the elevator installation is more accurate.

Experience interactionExperience interaction
Saiao Smart Cloud brings more innovative intelligent services to the elevator and integrates into a rich multimedia interactive system.

Intelligent Lifts installation, quality priority

One-stop service installation, use of technology, aspects of warehousing, inventory, transport, shipping and other information tracking, integration of resources, scene out of the box,confirmation of the two-dimensional code scan code on components, the installation process to obtain documents, to ensure that each Saiao intelligent elevators are original factory production, original factory installation, and achieve efficient operation. Sail intelligent lifts has the most advanced smart elevator system, giving you the best experience.