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How to choose an elevator manufacturer

Elevator manufacturer

Are you looking for an elevator for your upcoming new building for residential or commercial construction? If so, then there are plenty of elevators available in the market to choose from.

Yes, you can choose the elevators as well as the manufacturer depending upon the area of deployment which best suits your requirement. For example- If you are looking for an elevator for a luxury hotel then you can choose from different luxury elevators. More so, you can also choose economical elevators if the requirement is for small or medium enterprise or commercial property and even a residential apartment building.

In the US and Canada, they are known as elevators and as lifts in the UK, Ireland, India, South Africa. Earlier they were utilized for transportation of the equipment or goods between multi-story buildings but now they have become indispensable devices in modern construction properties. People are utilizing residential elevators in their personal spaces and are boosting their status quo.

Elevators have become quite popular due to the soaring number of buildings being constructed. But you will be surprised to learn that many are not aware of the various options available when it comes to elevators. It is very important to choose the elevator carefully concerning the design, technical specifications, quality, and other features.

For anyone who needs to buy elevators, it is important to collect as much information as possible about the various models available in the market.

In SAIL, we take pride in the fact that we guide you thoroughly during the process to help you understand different specifications. Our technological advances as well as implementation are carefully undertaken to meet your needs.

Before finalizing one, you should thoroughly check out some of the few things you should keep in mind before choosing the manufacturer for your elevator.

● Before choosing the right elevator, you should check the website of the manufacturer who is selling it. Check to see the factory information, details, videos, team, distribution, partners, and images.

● You should always check if the manufacturer has a test tower. This is because any company or a factory without a test tower is not qualified to produce the elevators. It is important to consider this parameter and that the minimum lifting height for the same should be around 60M.

● Check if the company has a laboratory to check various aspects or key parts of the elevator. This shows the strength and ability of the elevator company. You should read through all the details on the website and should also talk to their team for detailed information.

● Identify if there are professional technical team members who can maintain and provide support to overseas sales when required.

● Are the elevators as well as the components CE certified? This will highlight the authenticity of the elevators.

● You should check if the lift manufacturer can offer a custom elevator based on your requirement.

● Check for the clients of the elevator providers. This will reflect the strength of their overall portfolio.

● Annual Sales- Verify and check the annual sales of the manufacturer. It will give you the highlights of how they are performing.

● Check out the partners' distribution range of the overseas markets. The larger the distribution market and the channel, the greater is the capacity of the elevator manufacturer.

● Your choice concerning functionality is important but what is critically important is the design aspect. The design must be equally pleasing to the eyes. This is particularly important when you are installing it as a modern aspect of your home. There are numerous lift designs available with high aesthetic value and they can make the look of your residential setting look amazing. You can choose a variety of other aspects for example- design, color and you can do the customization as per your requirements which best suits your home decor.

● When you are choosing the manufacturer, you can also check where they are located. This is also an important factor as it will affect their overall ability to deliver timely services in case of emergencies. As a buyer, you should always check their potential plan and mechanisms in case of emergencies and how they undertake them when required.

● Projects executed

Hiring the right manufacturer requires diligent research on the manufacturer's capabilities as well as the past projects executed. You should also check the past references as well as the projects completed. You can also check for references which can include clients with similar requirements, or feedback or reviews through the consultants.
Recommendation from consultants will help give you unbiased feedback about the product of the manufacturer.

Before you finalize your manufacturer, it is equally important to know and learn about the key points to consider when you are buying an elevator-

● Depending upon your requirement whether it is for residential or commercial, you should check the lift size and carrying capacity. They may be of small or larger sizes. For example- if the requirement is for a hospital then you need an elevator that has sufficient space to carry wheelchairs and other equipment. And also the one which has a heavyweight carrying capacity.

● Important security options should be thoroughly checked like the installation of an alarm system, power failure backup, indoor communication system.

● Pricing is an important factor you should never miss. Elevators are available from economical to luxury ones. It is important to analyze the overall price of the elevators which includes purchase, installation, and maintenance.

● Consider the model which best meets your requirements. As there are different models available in the market hence you can choose the one which meets the requirements of your building. You would not require commercial elevators to be installed on your residential premises.

● You can also opt for the lift or the elevators that can turn out to be cost-effective for you. There are numerous options available to choose from as there are elevators that have low operating costs as well as maintenance. There are several models available in the market that requires low power usage, and you can make them as your first choice to ensure that you don't overrun on bills.

With numerous options available in the market, we are sure the provided information will be helpful for you to choose the right manufacturer based on your requirements.


With the tremendous development of the elevator industry in China, now there are numerous elevator providers in the market. The industry has improved drastically and has been growing ever since many years.

Many elevator brands in China carry out the installation process, maintenance, and sales support along with the distribution. Compared with other brands in different industries, there are several reasons why you should choose elevators from SAIL’s-

● Economical and profitable

The manufacturing industry in China has many advantages, one of which is economic labor costs. So elevators made in China are economical. You can avail of them at a low price. Comparing them with other countries the prices are considerably low. In fact the one’s offered by SAIL are highly economical, competent, reliable and of the best quality.

● Reliable quality

Chinese exports are subjected to strict regulations as well as standard inspections to meet the international quality standard. Therefore, you can easily trust the quality without a second doubt.

SAIL utilizes the best state of the art technology, perfect manufacturing skills of the highest standard, and greatest quality. Our elevators are widely utilized by different clients and we are happy to assist them based on their ongoing requirements.

● Efficient as well as reliable

You can get your product in the shortest time and the products delivered are highly reliable and efficient in the world.

Best elevator in China

SAIL is one of the best Chinese- foreign cooperative enterprises which have successfully integrated development, production, manufacture, installation. It is fully automated and helps increase your business competitiveness and is highly reliable.

SAIL is located in Badu economic development zone, a highly important industry park in Suzhou. Renowned and known as one of the tops and best 5 lift manufacturers in the world. SAIL is recognized as a reliable provider globally. It has also received a license of A level elevator and has gained the certification of ISO14001, Environment, and Occupational Health Safety Management System.

Various product categories include- villa elevator, freight elevatorresidential elevatorhospital elevators, vehicle elevator, sightseeing elevator and escalator, and so on.

With our excellent team, we have been able to deliver perfect results. Our manufacturing team can help you with your elevator solution and is highly reliable. At SAIL, we strictly follow essential protocols to bring a whole new level of exceptional experience and intelligence to you through our products. You can learn more about our products or talk to our experts who can help you understand the specifications better. Our team would always be happy to assist and support you.

Your safety is our priority. Be assured we will never compromise with your safety as well as security.