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Escalator & Autowalks

Escalator & Autowalks

Product Name : Escalator /Moving Walk (Indoor & Outdoor)
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Delivery Data: 20 days
Warranty : 18 months

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EscalatorSAIL escalator applies finite element analysis.  Rigidity and anti-twist fulfill advanced international standard. Arch support parts and truss parts are of fixed connection. It effectively prevents from deformation due to encountered force to truss parts.

It is of super-large width escalator support design.  New plan efficiently relieves the overall truss bearing.  Two angles are available for the clients' selection. 35escalator saves space. 30"escalator supplies the better and comfortable travel. The autowalks is applicable for large passenger flow areas such as shopping center, supermarket, subway, airport etc.

SAIL escalatorSAIL Escalator & Autowalks:

Safety supreme & precaution measures

The autowalks applies triple safety protection device.  It positively protects traction machine, stairway dual monitor points. It finds out reversal travel as soon as possible. Attached brake adds friction device without emergency stop of escalator.  Brake disc has positioning shift while attached brake acts. This kind of outdoor moving walkway stops slowly to prevent from stall accident. It thus ensures the passengers' travel safety. Anti-skip device has anti-skip groove.  If step skips accidentally, the autowalks will make quick response to promptly brake the escalator.

SAIL Auto walkSAIL Auto walk series apply the advanced intellectual technology. It ensures the stable elevator travel.  Various human-centered design guarantees that elevator travels steadily forward. This design of autowalks shows sweet caring from SAIL everywhere such as various human-centered design, large width tread, round handrail, eye-catching strip lights etc. The outdoor moving walkway is applicable for large passenger flow areas such as shopping center, supermarket, subway , airport etc.

Effective parallel axle helical gear decelerator
Helical gear transmission has advantages such as large contact ratio, long line of contact etc. Drive efficiency enhances 15% than that of traditional worm drive.

Automatic lubricating system of SAIL Autowalks
According to functional test control, it applies automatic lubricating system to ensure motives transfer between various parts. SAIL Autowalks would offer stable travel speed. Meanwhile, it effectively prolongs the service life.

Product Application Speed Degree
Escalator Mall,subway,hotel etc 0.5~0.75m/s 27.3°/30°/35°
Moving walk Supermarket,airport,mall etc 0.5m/s 0°/10°/11°/12°

escalator construction sketchescalator construction sketch

Standard Safety Device
1 Broken step chain protection
2 Over-speed protection
3 Direction reversal protection
4 Securty line
5 Emergency stop button
6 Sklit panel protection
7 Brake protection
8 Lack of phase, error phase protection
9 Motor over load protection
10 Electrical appliance loop protection
11 Handrall entrance protection
12 Comb plate safety device
13 Step sagging protection device
14 Broken drlve chain safety device
15 Safety inspection switch
16 Step iluliation
17 Landing plate contact
18 Handrail speed monitor
19 Skirt panel brush
20 Braking distance inspection
21 Step missing detection
Optional safety device
22 Alarm bell starting device
23 Alarm bell starting device
24 Lower machine room water level detection (outdoor escalator)
25 Auxiliary brake(it should be allocated with the emergency brake when 6m
26 Oil- water separator (loutdoor escalator)

Comb plate safety device
Front ends of comb teeth. platesare installed on springs.If anyforeign substance is nippedbetween moving escalator stepsand static comb teeth plates;suchplates will move in vertical orbackward directions,and riggerthe safety switches monitoring atboth sides of the plates, and theescalators will be automaticallystopped.

Skirt panel protection

Brush is installed between stepand skiting so that the passen-gers' shoes do not touch theskirt panel.

Handrail entrance protection
Protection against risk of foreignmatters being jammed intohandrall entry.

Step missing detection
The detector is in driving stationand steering station respectively.It ensures that the gap out of step(tread) loss does not appear inthe entry in up 1 down motion.Driving station and steeringstation sets protective detectionfunctions They shall be verifiedrespectively  under  normaloperation conditions. After thedevice acts, it can only be resetmanually.


Standard Function

  • Standard Functions
    S Static electricity protection Eliminate static electricity raised from running of steps.
    S Emergency stop button Push the emergency stop button to shop the escalator/moving walk againstemergency raise.
    S Skirting protection Protection against risk of foreign bodies being jammed into clearance betweensteps and skitirg.
    S Handrail entry safety prctection Protection against risk of foreign bodies being jammed into handrail entry.
    S Main drive chains safety protection Protection against risk of drive chains being breakage or undue elongation.
    S Over-speed protection Protection against risk of sped being over 20% of rated speed.
    S Under- speed protection Protection against risk of sped less than 80% of rated speed.
    S Un-intentional reversal protection Protection against risk of unintentional reversal protection.
    S Lack of phase, error phase protectior Protection against risk of phase failure.
    S Short circuit protection Protection against risk of short circuit.
    S Over-load protection Protection against risk of motor continually over-load.
    S Step sagging protection Protection against risk of steps being breakage and sagging.
    S Broken step chain protection Protection against risk of step chains being breakage or under elongation.
    S Comb teeth safety protetion Proection against risk of foreign bodies being tapped at th point where the stepente the comb,
    S Handrail speed and broken handrail monitor It detects the handrail speec and monitors the broken handrail.
    S Skirting anti-clamp device lt sets protection brush in the skirting on both sides of the step.
    S Step missing detection It datects the step mssing in the starway.
    S The brake opens the monitor switch lt mronitors whether the brake opens or not in during the escalator running.
    S Handwheel and handwheel protection coveropen safety During the use cf handwheel, when open the handwhel and the handwheel protectioncover, the safety switch will cut the safety circuit against escalator running.
    S Floor-plate monitor switch When the pit cover plate opens, it cuts off safety drcuit and stops the escalatorsafety switch.
    S Monitor of brake distance It mronitors brake distance of the escalator and auto-walk.

Optional Function

  • Optical Functions
    O Guardrail glass color Colorless and transparent (Standard), Deep gray, Bronze, Yellow.
    O Handrail color Optional and diversified handrail colors. Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Shallow bluish green, Gray
    O Frequency converter When chooses the frequency converter, it can effec-tively reduce the energy consumption, usually save60% of the energy in the litlte passenger flow andefficiently cut down 80% of the peak-value current.The escalator operates at low speed under no-loadconditions, while detects the accessing passenger, itwill return to normal speed for the operation.
    O Oil /water separator (Apply tooutdoor type) It separates the escalator oil and water. Rain exhauststhrough oil 1 water separator. We regularly clean oilmainly for the environmental protection purpose.
    O Comb illumination The ilumination has been installed in the skirt panelnear the comb plate. It offers the lighting for the stepand the comb plate. It is more convenient for thepassengers to up and down.
    O Intermittent operation (automaticstart / stop) The sensor inside the handrail which is near the floorplate can detect the passenger that enters into theescalator, and then it will automatically start into theoperation. After all the passengers leave, it willautomatically stop the operation again in order tosave the energy.
    O Running direction indicator The running direction and forbiddevn display markhave been placed in the inlet and outlet of the handrail.The obvious running or forbidden instruction ensuresthe safe riding of the passengers with great ease.
    O Heating device Each escalator usually installs three heating devices.One is beside the host in the upper machine room. Itmainly heats the host. The second is installed in themid escalator. And the third is in the lower part. Itmainly heats the whole escalator.

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