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In the Case of A Sudden Power Outage, Will the Home Lift Elevator Fall Quickly?

    Safety devices for home lift elevator are generally classified into three types: mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical. Important safety protection devices are generally electromechanical integrated. The basic components of the main mechanical safety protection device for household elevators: speed limiter, safety gear, buffer, electromagnetic brake, car overspeed protection device, etc.

(1) Protection when the traction wire rope breaks

    When the traction wire rope breaks, the car falls and the speed limiter operates. The wire rope is clamped to drive the safety gear, the safety clamp switch and the wedge function, and the car is clamped on the guide rail while the power is off.

(2) The elevator is out of control

    When the elevator is out of control, the car reaches the speed limiter action speed. The speed limiter operates to clamp the wire rope to move the safety gear and cut off the control circuit. The traction machine is powered off, the motor stops, and the car stops. If the brake fails and the car continues to descend, the safety caliper wedge acts to clamp the car to the rail. Smart elevator will help a lot in this case.

(3) The car or the counterweight naturally slides down

    When the car or counterweight naturally slides down and the speed reaches the speed limiter action speed, the speed limiter moves and clamps the wire rope to make the safety gear move. The safety caliper wedge acts to clamp the car to the rail. If it continues to slide down the bottom of the well, it is buffered by the pit buffer.

(4) Car topping

    When the car is flushed, the limit switch acts and the control loop is cut off. The traction machine is powered off, so that the motor stops and the car stops. If the limit switch fails and the limit switch operates, the main circuit power is cut off, the traction machine is de-energized, and the car stops.

    So in the event of a power outage, the brakes are closed and the household elevator is braked in midair. So when the elevator does not fall normally, the power is turned off and the elevator stops, which passenger lift suppliers also concern.