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How to Use the Passenger Lift Correctly?

    The elevator can be said to be an indispensable means of transportation in our daily life. We take the elevator every day after work, and the high-rise residential buildings in the city can be said to have more and more dense elevators. So do you know how to use the passenger elevator correctly?

1. The passenger lift manufacturer has a landing door, a car running direction indicator, a math display car, a running position fingering device and a summoning elevator button at each service level station, which is differ from household lifts. When the elevator call button is used, press the up direction button when going upstairs and the direction button when going downstairs.

2. When the car arrives, the floor direction indication shows the direction of movement of the car. The passenger judges the direction and determines that the elevator is normal and then enters the car. Pay attention to the closing of the door leaf. Do not stay at the junction of the door and the car door.

3. There are position display, control panel and switch door buttons and floor selection buttons in the car. After entering the car, press the selection button to go to the floor. If you want the car door to close immediately, press the close button. The car floor location indicator light shows the arrival floor and leaves the car door open.

4. The rated load of passenger lift is generally 13 people. It can't be overloaded. Please exit when the personnel are overloaded.

5. Passenger lift cannot be used frequently as cargo elevators. It is absolutely not allowed to ship flammable or explosive materials.

6. When an abnormal phenomenon or malfunction occurs in the elevator, it should be kept calm. You can call the rescue call in the car. You must not slam the door in an attempt to escape the car.

7. Passengers are not allowed to rely on the car door. It is not allowed to smoke and litter waste in the elevator car to keep the car clean and hygienic.