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How to Take the Elevator to the Most Comfortable and Safe?

    With the city's high-rise buildings going up a seat, high-speed elevators are also increasingly popular. Often heard people say, by high-speed elevator will be dizziness, nausea, then how to take high-speed elevators to the most comfortable and safe?

    Passenger elevator lifting speed is usually about 1 meter per second, high-speed elevators faster than 1.9 meters per second, with the elevator up or down, the passengers withstand greater pressure difference in a very short time, you will feel uncomfortable eardrum even transient hearing loss, high blood pressure, heart disease, people will feel dizzy brain up. In this case, open mouth, massage the ears, quid chewing gum and even empty method, you can adjust the air pressure outside the eardrum to adapt to changes in the ability to ease the pressure on the eardrum.

    Furthermore, when usually take the elevator, and some things to pay particular attention to: If due to unexpected power interruption causes, which led to the passengers trapped in the car, this is often the car stopped in a non-leveling position, passengers must not be nervous should alarm devices or other viable method of notification by the elevator maintenance personnel came to the rescue in the car, do not attempt to open the car door or open the windows to escape the car roof safety.

    Passengers should see before boarding the elevator car is stopped at this level, not blindly entered, the door was open and the car to prevent the layer of the layer is not falling into the hoistway.

    If you press the elevator buttons after landing door remains closed, should be patient and do not try to open the door, and do not play slapstick that broke down the door in front of the layer layer. Automobile elevator manufacturers don't do this for no reason.

    Out of the elevator action should not be too slow, not too long a foot a foot cage floor.
In strong thunderstorm days, there is no urgent matters should not take the elevator because the elevator machine room usually located at the highest point of the roof, lightning protection devices if there is a fault, easy to attract lightning.

    In addition, high-rise buildings must not take the elevator downstairs in case of fire. Carrying gas oil, alcohol, firecrackers and other flammable items people should not take the elevator downstairs. Therefore, sometimes smart elevator system is a good choice.