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How to Choose A Home Lift?

Home lift meets the needs of people for a high quality of life. It can not only reach the destination quickly, safely and comfortably, but also enjoy the enjoyment of technology residences, comfortable residences and healthy residences. So how do you choose a home lift? Here are some of the following four tips for you to summarize. I hope this can help the friends who need it.

1. Humanization

Humanization is the first problem that domestic house lifts must look at. The purpose of installing elevators in villas and homes is to facilitate the elderly and users. If the selected elevator cannot meet the wheelchair transportation for a certain period of time, the elevator will be unhumanized.

2. Personalization

Personalization is the choice of elevators that match the building's or villa's architectural characteristics, as well as the user's identity, temperament and hobbies. This is very important.  Because the villa itself is rich in its unique personality, and the buyers and builders use different building structures and styles to reflect the individuality, so the elevator must be personalized, otherwise it will reduce the grade of the villa.

3. Security

Safety, which elevator manufacturing companies see as the most important factor, is of course one of the most important factors in choosing a home lift. How to choose a safe and reliable villa elevator is also very important. Households or developers who often use elevators are not familiar enough with elevators, so how to determine the safety and reliability of elevators must be tested by a third party. At the same time, it is best to choose a villa elevator of 320KG or above, because the national regulations for elevators of 320KG or above must be accepted by the State Quality and Technical Supervision Department and issued a certificate of use. The elevators that have passed the national acceptance are safe and secure and can be used with peace of mind.

4. Energy saving

To produce energy-saving and environmentally-friendly home lifts, chinese lift manufacturers need to consider noise, environmental protection and pollution, the height of the top floor and the power consumption. At present, the most energy-efficient and low-noise elevators are permanent magnet synchronous main elevators.