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Elevator companies and the theory of trees

    China lift company a dozen seventies of last century to the present more than 600 elevator companies, the rapid development, and China has become the world's first production and marketing power. But our elevator and foreign companies gap is still very large, and why? Therefore, the author from the trees to make a contact to the theory of thinking and our elevator business development.

1. Become a tree first condition: the time!

    Not a tree sapling is planted, immediately becomes a tree, it must be years bears a ring, a circle out long.

    Significance: Give yourself time! Time is the accumulation of experience! We have a lot of time to accumulate, its downside is that some of the new companies want to overnight become big business, and the old companies do not ring in the wind and rain erosion to objectively summarize the last storm of broken branches in pain.

2. Become a tree Second condition: do not move!

    Not a tree, planted in the first year here, planted in the second year there, and can become a tree, it must be thousands of years by wind, frost, wind and rain experience, standing motionless! It is many times by frost, rain experience the ultimate success of a tree!

    Significance: To "by frost, rain experience without regret!" It is to grow confidence and strong will, rain or shine stand, which requires us to adapt to the wind and rain frost, such as how to ensure that when the market fell to survive and sustain growth.

3. Become a tree third condition: The Foundation!

    There are millions of pieces tree roots, coarse roots, fine roots, micro roots deep in the ground, keep busy and to absorb nutrients, grow their own. Definitely not a tree without roots!

    Significance: To keep learning! Constantly enrich themselves, their roots tied, can cause evergreen! Growth is the foundation of absorbing nutrients needed to grow, the larger the tree, the deeper the roots more widely. Elevator business to a certain size, it needs more new technology as a foundation for development, rather than to have been copying and imitation, otherwise the foundation of instability encountered the storm will not be saved. That's what smart elevator tech needs.

4. become a tree of the fourth condition: up long!

    Not a tree grows only to the side, not tall fat; it must be long before another long trunk twigs, long way up!

    Significance: To move up! Upwards will have more space! Business room to grow is to have talent and advanced thinking positive, with advanced thinking talent, companies may have more space, is a pioneer tree seedlings to ensure that grew to a certain extent, but when you originally nutrition Unable to supply space for development, we must attract talent advanced thinking in order to make this business has room to grow.

5. The tree has become a fifth condition: the sun!

    There is no longer a tree to the black hole. Actively growing trees to light is the hope, it is to get more light out! Target trees hearts is that we must actively seek to find the sun! Sunshine is the hope of a tree, the tree toward the light, toward success, the tree will never grow to potholes, long into the darkness. Trees feel the need for more light for yourself!

    Significance: Enterprise principal leaders yearned for a bright! All the frustration is growing! The sun also includes a network of companies, employees positive attitude sunshine, sunshine corporate culture. If the business instead of using the sun's cultural development, then the business can not survive better. Sunlight also allow power companies metabolic need, sunshine allows companies to have a new oxygen generating attract more Phoenix habitat.
Tree theory to inspire our overall business development is to have a foundation, there must be external environment and internal infrastructure to absorb new nutrients and the necessary time to develop themselves. Escalator for sale is the same as tree theory, which needs the foundation to develop.