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Our products - elevators and escalators
  • Passenger Lift
    Passenger Lift

    Sail Passenger lift with small machine room, which can be reduced by more than 40% than the traditional elevator, so it saves construction space and increases usable space. It also served for 30+ countries and got 99% positive feedback.

  • Observation Elevator
    Observation Elevator

    The observation elevator is the product of the perfect combination of passenger elevator and panoramic function. The bright panoramic view it has is the best choice for shopping malls, exhibitions, and other buildings.

  • Hospital & Stretcher Elevator
    Hospital & Stretcher Elevator

    Sail Hospital Elevator has specially designed anion car technology and UV ray sterilizer, The anti-fingerprint process makes the car have the advantages of being cleaned and preventing bacterial contamination.

  • Villa Elevator
    Villa Elevator

    Sail Intelligent Home Elevator has three technical designs, specially designed for customers to meet the needs of various home elevator small shafts, and provides a variety of installation solutions.

  • Freight Elevator
    Freight Elevator

    Sail cargo elevator can carry a load of up to 10 tons, safe and reliable structure, and durable materials, suitable for the transportation of goods up and down in factories, supermarkets, shopping malls, and other places.

  • Escalator & Autowalks
    Escalator & Autowalks

    Sail escalators always take full of various requirements of customers with steady and safety experience, it is applicable for large passenger flow areas such as shopping malls, supermarkets, subway, airport, etc.

SAIL Intelligent Elevator Solution

  • Mall Elevators

    Sail manufacture various types of elevators using premium quality materials to move people reliably and effectively through malls, so customers spend less time riding and enjoy more time shopping.

  • Residential Elevators

    Our lift solutions are provided to housing projects right across the UK, providing high-end lifts for private housing, robust lifts for public housing and a residential lift for someone's home.

  • Hotel Elevators

    Sail's elevators and escalators are ideal for small hotels requiring an elevator for accessibility requirements to major high-rise facilities with complex mobility needs.

  • Tourist Elevators

    Observation elevator allows the passengers to view the surroundings while traveling from one floor to another. Our company is widely appreciated in offering tourist elevators to the clients.

  • Commercial Elevator

    Sail offers low-cost, low-maintenance commercial elevators to facilitate your life – providing multi-level access to your office or community building. Our products are well appreciated by customers.

  • Hospital Elevators

    SAlL hospital elevator is custom-made for your building. It applies high strength section materials to make elevator cars. It can easily and smoothly deliver vast patients and large goods.


China Lift Company

Sail Intelligent Elevator upholds German technology and serves 30+ countries around the world. The number of elevators installed at domestic and abroad has reached 10,000 units. More importantly, we can customize intelligent elevators according to your needs for new sense of intelligence, such as non-contact call, ultraviolet sterilization, voice call and other functions.

  • CE Certificate Elevator & Lifts
  • Certification of ISO14001
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